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Someone Has Proposed Mixed-Use Luxury Condos For Westlake

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Building Los Angeles recently spotted this ambitious project wending its way through City Hall--it's a seven-story, 154-unit development with 8,500 square feet of retail space on Wilshire Boulevard. The ambitious part? Those 154 units are going to be luxury condos, and this stretch of Wilshire is just west of MacArthur Park, either a couple miles further east or west than you might expect to find it. Wilshire Coronado will have a mix of studios, one-, and two-bedroom units, plus a pool, business center, and dog run. It's being developed by The Somerset Group, with design by Rios Clementi Hale and DeStefano Partners. BLA says the building is due to open in 2015; we've tried to reach Somerset for an update on timings for the project and will update when we hear back.
· Wilshire Coronado Condominums to Rise Near McArthur Park [BLA]