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GTAV is So Much Like LA That It Takes 7 Minutes to Drive Across

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The two big things everyone knows about Los Angeles are that it takes no time at all to drive across and that none of the women who live here have any agency. Rockstar Games has nailed both aspects in its Grand Theft Auto V, out today. The game is set in the fictional Los Santos and Blaine Counties, easily recognizable as Los Angeles and environs (if you didn't get it somehow, there are also lots of mentions of yoga and medical marijuana). The world of the game is--as repeatedly advertised--enormous for a video game, with landscapes ranging from the port to the beach to Downtown to the Hills to the High Desert and on and on (Head to LAX or a military base to steal an aircraft!), so Kotaku thought it'd see just how big it all really feels. They grabbed a virtual convertible and hit the road, starting in the south at the port and making their way up to what appears to be NorCal. It took roughly seven minutes, allowing for some fender benders and a car-flip or two. They also did an east-west drive (about six minutes) and, the best, a quiet helicopter flyover. Below, 28 minutes of gameplay to give you a taste of the latest fake Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, if you find anything good while you're playing, please hit us up.
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