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Little Efficient Condo Building Proposed in Eastern WeHo

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Later this week, West Hollywood's Planning Commission is considering a request to demolish a single-family house on Ogden just above Santa Monica and replace it with this three-story, five-unit condo building. According to the staff report, the site is zoned for up to six units and is surrounded by single and multi-family housing. Each two-bedroom unit "is oriented vertically with parking at ground level, living area above and both bedrooms on the top floor," and they'll average out at around 1,400 square feet. They'll also each have a roofdeck, which will count toward's the project minimum public space requirements. That's allowed because the project is considered a "high-achieving" green building, thanks in part to its solar panels and use of recycled materials. The small building's run through the approvals process has been a bit of a lovefest: the design review board liked it (though they had some landscaping quibbles) and not a single person showed up to complain about it at a neighborhood meeting. Well, no one showed up to support it either, but still.
· Planning Commission report (pdf) [WeHo]

1128 N. Ogden Dr., West Hollywood, CA