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WeHo's Big Plummer Park Makeover Still Not Moving at All

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West Hollywood still doesn't know what to do with Plummer Park, the eastside green space that it had hoped to renovate, and city officials are getting pretty frustrated about it. There's been no action at all since May 2012, when the city put the Plummer plans on hold following intense neighborhood blow-back over tree removal, underground parking construction, and the addition of a modern facade to a Depression-era building. On top of the local opposition, the money earmarked for the project is in question, since it came from the city's now-defunct redevelopment agency, plus buildings slated for demolition were recently landmarked. Even those opposed to the renovation plans agree something needs to be done to update the park, but for now the council isn't taking action, members of the West Hollywood Public Facilities Commission lamented at a recent meeting.
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Plummer Park

7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90046