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Post Office Parking Lot Action in Atwater Village and Echo Park

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The US Post Office's loss could be a developer's gain: Eastsider LA reports that two shuttered post office parking lots are being sold off with high development hopes for both. One in Echo Park, at Alvarado and Scott Avenue, is being marketed on Loopnet as a potential 6,778-square-foot retail development (pictured), with a cluster of stores facing Alvarado and parking in the back. Meanwhile, a parking lot in Atwater Village, near Glendale and La Clede Avenue, could become eight single-family houses in line with the city's small lot subdivision ordinance (which allows lots of little detached houses on a single lot). The 13,700-square-foot proposal comes from green builder ReThink development and includes one house with low-income housing and retail. A public hearing on the Atwater plan is set for later this month.
· Former postal parking lots attract development ideas [ELA]