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First Look at LA River Plans, Tongva Park Opens in SaMo

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[Curbed went inside/outside to tour the newly opened Tongva Park in Santa Monica]

This Week's Top Stories: Big plans for the restoration of an 11 mile stretch of the LA River were released this week by the Army Corps of Engineers, and while it might not be everything we hoped, it' still something. Curbed mapped 17 of the oldest homes currently on sale in LA County, and whadyaknow, they include a bunch of big Victorians and tiny bungalows. Kudos to the Santa Monica City Council who this week approved some big changes to 142.5 acres of industrial land in the city in anticipation of the arrival of the Expo Line light rail, creating a more pedestrian friendly and mixed-use community. Since the Mayor's Office is still asking for ideas to make LA better, we teed up with a list of great ideas borrowed from other cities around the world, including White Nights and Cleaning Day. In cool-map-thing news, a new interactive map from National Atlas lets you see where our rivers originate and where they go to, so now you can see how your trash will probably end up in Long Beach. Grand Theft Auto V's map of fictional Los Santos has been leaked, and we're taking a closer look at this alternate universe version of Los Angeles. Poor sad-sack Westwood is getting some much needed urban intervention thanks to the Hammer Museum, who is planning to fill the neighborhood's empty storefronts with pop-up shops for most of November.