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Neighbors Not Happy About New Historic Filipinotown Apts

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Last month came word of a trio of projects that would bring 188 new apartments to Historic Filipinotown along Temple Street. This week comes the backlash. The Eastsider has the report from the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council planning and land use committee, which apparently went long and complainy. One attendee called a 69-unit building "atrocious" and added that "I would not want to live in it. I would not want to look at it." Others worried over what the projects would do to parking in a neighborhood where competition for spots is already tight, and hoped the projects--which meet or exceed city requirements--would add further off-street parking. The lack of retail also drew fire. One building has a whopping 500 square feet of commercial space planned, but another devotes its ground floor space to pedestrian-unfriendly parking. Developers have been drawn to Temple because it's zoned for larger buildings, and its well-located to catch the Silver Lake overflow. It's also already seen a measure of gentrification, thanks to bars like 1642, across the street from one of the projects. And irony of ironies, the owner of 1642 is one of the projects' opponents.
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