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County Commission Has Last Minute Change of Heart, Allows LAX Runway To Move

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Hey remember back in January when an LAX plan to move one runway 260 feet further north caused all kinds of ruckus in the neighborhood? The plan was one component of Los Angeles World Airport's grand modernization plans and, they say, would improve safety at the airport, and was approved by the city in April. Anyway, while we'd all moved on with our lives, the runway fight has been dragging on, and just yesterday the county's land use commission denied an appeal by Culver City, Ontario, and San Bernadino County over the move. According to the Daily Breeze, the original report from the commission staff agreed that LAWA did not do a good enough job consulting the community over their plans, and recommended a ruling in favor of the appellants that asked the agency "to better communicate why it had chosen 260 feet as the proper distance to move a runway." But that isn't what happened. Land use commission staff changed their report just before the meeting, after receiving "last-minute correspondence from LAWA." Phew. We're just relieved that nothing shady happened.
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