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Wallace Neff's "Authentically Mexican" Millikan House In Pas

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Nothing like a listing with an aerial view, eh? This sizable hacienda on a 2.15-acre lot overlooking the Rose Bowl was designed by the redoubtable Wallace Neff in 1931 for Clark Millikan, a Caltech aerospace expert and son of Nobel Prize winner/Caltech President Robert Millikan. As reported in a 2006 LA Times article, the architect viewed the Millikan estate as one of his best works, believing it to be more "authentically Mexican" than any of his other homes. Built around a central courtyard, the 9,000-square-foot residence features six bedrooms, six and a half baths, beamed ceilings, tile and hardwood floors, double French doors, six fireplaces, an updated kitchen with marble countertops, two dishwashers, and two sinks, a swimming pool, a pool/guesthouse with beamed ceilings, a kitchenette and full bath, a wine cellar, a four-car garage, and panoramic views. On and off the market since 2006, when it was listed at $7.9 million, it's now asking $5.885 million.

· 1932 Wallace Neff Hacienda, Pasadena [Official site]
· 1500 Normandy Drive [Estately]