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How Serious Is LA About Hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics?

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Every few years it seems like half the cities in the country vie for a chance to host the Olympics, and LA is no different. Most bids don't have much in the way of support and fizzle out early, and we'd assumed LA's 2024 talk was no different--for instance, we put so much thought into our "applicant city" logo for 2024 that we just copied the one we used for 2020. But there have been a few signs that this city's actually taking this thing seriously. First, the LA Times speculated that the flurry of exciting developments proposed along the LA River might indicate real interest in hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics (the bid "could include new facilities near or along the river," apparently), and said City Hall was abuzz with the notion. Now The Source--Metro's blog--is getting in on the tea leaf reading, wondering how LA's transit expansion might play into a bid.

Is it possible that current talk of accelerating transit projects isn't just about assuaging impatient tax payers but is designed to possibly appeal to the International Olympic Committee? "Cities almost always promise key infrastructure upgrades as part of their Olympic bids. And there are a couple of Measure R projects that I'm guessing Olympic officials might be interested in: the Purple Line Extension to Westwood and the Airport Metro Connector, currently scheduled to be done in 2036 and 2028, respectively." The Purple Line extension is important to get spectators to potential venues at UCLA (like Pauley Pavillion).This is all just speculation--and a final decision isn't due until 2017--but Eric Garcetti's reaffirming of LA's interest in hosting duties on his first day as Mayor (pdf) adds grist to the mill. If the Olympics do come back to LA, here's hoping Airbnb is still around so we can gouge all those tourists who come to rent our houses, apartments, and couches.
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