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ERNC Still Hates Hillside Project But Didn't Oppose It (Yet)

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When developer Stan Fargeon proposed building eight houses behind a gate at the top of a hillside Eagle Rock street back in April, the neighbors freaked the hell out. They did not like: the design ("they're not the kind of homes that are in that area"), the time it would take to build them ("for how many years will the construction go on?"), the increased traffic they would bring ("congestion related to parked cars--which will only get worse"), and our favorite, the defilement of Mother Nature ("our hillsides are going to be raped"). Since then, feelings have gone from icy to merely very cold. Architect Steve Brabson of Franklin Studios tells us the project team offered to make a few tweaks, but most of the original variances they requested still stand. Notably, they want 2,400 square foot houses instead of the 1,500 allowed on the hillside, a few extra retaining walls, smaller front yards, and approval to haul out more dirt to make the road that would run through the development. According to him, many residents who attended the presentation to the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council now say they like the design of the houses, but don't want eight of them built (as many as 10 are allowed on the site). Eagle Rock Patch says the ERNC vote to oppose the project failed last week, but only because they realized they forgot to tell the developer about the vote. They're going to try again in October. Meanwhile, Brabson says they've received "support and encouragement" from the Planning Department.
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