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Larchmont Mixed-User Bringing 84 Apartments, Trees, Possible Urban Plaza to Area

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The northern tip of Larchmont Village, at Melrose and Larchmont, is getting a new 84-unit mixed-user called the LC. At a recent land use meeting for the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, developer California Landmark showed-off new renderings for the under-construction project that show "anondized aluminum panels on the front face," Larchmont Buzz reports. Landmark is also proving themselves mensches, putting $100,000 toward beautification efforts around the project including new trees on Camerford, El Centro, and Melrose. They're also considering asking the city not to widen the street in front of the LC--apparently something typically required by the city--and instead create a 25-foot wide area between the project and Melrose that would constitute an "urban plaza" for hanging out. The LC is supposed to open in January 2015 and offer apartments between $2,000 and $3,000 a month.
· Larchmont Apartments, Marlborough School and June St Townhouses Reviewed at Land Use Meeting [Larchmont Buzz]