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See Los Santos, The Town That Plays LA In Grand Theft Auto V

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Here's another map of LA that's hilariously wrong, but at least it's that way on purpose. Above is just a detail, but gaming forum NeoGaf has the whole thing which shows an enormous region with beaches, hills, desert, and neighborhoods like Little Seoul, Pacific Bluffs, a canal area called Vespucci. And no, some poor cartographer has not lost their mind. Because it's LA at all but Los Santos, the municipal doppelganger who plays us in the soon-to-launch Grand Theft Auto V. The map was leaked today on Reddit and it hasn't been authenticated by creators Rockstar Games, says CNET, but come on, when was an online gaming forum ever wrong about something? The leaked map follows a trailer released over the summer that showed Los Santos to be the kind of place where you could do yoga, buy some marijuana, make a few real estate deals, and, presumably, also steal some cars. The map shows it to also be a place where you can tool around the Vinewood Hills before catching a show at the Vinewood Bowl or head further south to the Maze Bank Arena not far from the airport. After the jump, a hacked map courtesy of a Redditor labeling Los Santos places with their LA equivalents (maybe not totally accurately), in case the origins of that watery Vespucci neighborhood has left you scratching your head.

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