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Competing Plans To Bring Sidewalk Cafes to DTLA and NELA

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The Eastisder reports that City Councilmember Gil Cedillo wants to launch a pilot program that would let cafes and restaurants set up tables and chairs on sidewalks in front of their establishments without going through the usual permitting hassle. Cedillo says the plan, which would apply to a two-mile stretch of Figueroa through Cypress Park and Highland Park, would be good for business, tax revenues, and that "an outdoor dining experience can result in a unique sense of community that helps to attract business growth in the area." If this all sounds familiar it's because Jose Huizar proposed a very similar pilot program for Downtown's Historic Core in his City Council district a few months ago. Rick Coca in Huizar's office tells us their pilot plan is coming along nicely--the Bureau of Engineering (who issues the permits) agrees that changes are needed, and are due to issue a report soon. As to whether two similar pilot programs can go forward at the same time, Coca says "it depends on resources."
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