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Buy This Triangular Modern/Googie Mar Vista Reno For $2.5MM

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For the home buyer who likes modern architecture, but finds it too boxy and digs a Googie swoop or two but finds that too curvy, maybe this house hits just the right note. Featured in the LA Times way back in 2004, the homeowners had bought a simple Mar Vista bungalow when they found themselves priced out of the nearby 1940s Gregory Ain homes in the neighborhood. Purchased in 1999 for $449,000, the owners commissioned architects Ron Godfredsen and Danna Sigal to gut the two-bedroom stucco bungalow, remove the existing roof and add over 1600 square feet of living space. And that triangular roof was added to extend over the patio, creating a canopy for the outdoor space. The 2,700 square foot house now features three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths, concrete floors and Douglas fir cabinets. There is also an outdoor lap pool, dual-sided fireplace that serves the living room and patio, and a garage that was converted to studio space. Asking price is now $2.5 million. --Marissa Gluck

· 3418 Halderman St [Redfin]