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Neighbors Still Fighting WeHo Restoration Hardware, But Review Board Loves It

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A West Hollywood neighborhood group has been fighting a planned Restoration Hardware store on Melrose for years now. It was approved in 2009 as a mixed-use residential/retial building, and again last year as mix of retail and wholesale. But earlier this year, the company made some more changes to the plans, adding a roof deck that will be open to the public, dropping the wholesale idea, and upgrading the systems to be less intrusive on the adjacent homes. The neighbors fought to have the changes re-approved, and this week was the architecture review board's turn. The board thinks the new designs are "magnificent," and the fighting neighbors didn't show up to the meeting--because, according to Wehoville, they were never told the store was on the agenda. Which we're sure the Planning Commission will get an earful about next week.

The design approved last year.

The design up for approval now.
· Restoration Hardware Project Gets Rave Reviews at Design Meeting; Concerned Residents a No-Show [Wehoville]