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Roommates-by-LA-Neighborhood Guide is Hilariously Wrong

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To promote its new roommate finding app, Apartment List produced this guide to LA neighborhoods, apartments, and the people you might find living in them. Here are some positive things about it: everyone loves a little local humor! There are a lot of comedy writers in Silver Lake! Converting the amount you'd save by having a roommate into the number of neighborhood-related foodstuffs (BLTLAs from Fred 62!) you could buy is clever! There are also some negative things. Of course it leans heavily on stereotypes, but whatever, all these lists do. But if you're gonna do it, get the stereotypes right! Here are some of our favorite duds:

-- You know all the hip Downtown kids at Wurstkuche? Apparently you can also find them at a a Laker game looking for Jack Nicholson (easy, since he sits in the same damn place every game!), or engaging in "cosplay" at Cicada??
-- Would a Silver Laker ever consider moving to Glendale or North Hollywood? Maybe crazier things have happened, but they'd never admit it.
-- But a Beverly Hills-er would definitely not consider living "west of the 10," though we like the idea of the Santa Monica Pier weighed down by huge faux-Med mansions.
-- And speaking of the 10, how about including some neighborhoods south of it?
-- They're trying to give the SFV some kind of existential crisis: there are separate listings for Studio City and North Hollywood; there are also mentions for Reseda, Northridge, and Van Nuys; and a listing for "The Valley."

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