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Be the First to Live in This Newly Built Villa in Silver Lake

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On Silver Lake's Silver Ridge Avenue, you will find homes designed by such illustrious architects as Rudolph Schindler, Harwell Hamilton Harris, JR Davidson, Barbara Bestor, and Allyn E. Morris. Along with those, you will also find this "new architectural landmark," in the words of its listing, designed by "[v]isionary David Salyer." No, we don't know who that is either. "Recently completed and never occupied, the house boasts old world craftsmanship, countless custom details, and antique highlights artfully blended with dramatic modern finishes." In other words, the place looks a lot like a nightclub. Occupying the lion's share of its 3,944-square-foot lot, it features two master bedrooms, three and a half baths, several fireplaces, a rooftop sun deck with panoramic views, and a "private 'tower retreat' room - perfect for the artist or writer." Sold partially completed in 2009 for $600,000, the property is now asking more than double that: $1.399 million, to be exact.

· 2316 Silver Ridge [Official site]
· 2316 N Silver Ridge Ave [Estately]