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LA's "Quaint Main Street" Larchmont Getting Even Quainter

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That charming Mayberry-esque boulevard known as Larchmont is being made yet more idyllic with new traffic-calming medians, plantings, and a vertical welcome tower; work starts on Monday. Sandwiched between Hollywood, Koreatown, and Hancock Park, Larchmont Village is a bustling yuppie paradise from Third Street up to Beverly Boulevard--Councilmember Tom LaBonge extolls its "quaint" charms in his announcement on the new amenities--but gets a little lonesome between Beverly and Melrose. That northern stretch is supposed to get a little more welcoming with the arrival of the three medians--work should be done by the fall and is funded by Metro. The first eight-foot-wide median will have a vertical sign (pictured) like the one that fronts Third and Larchmont. The northern end of the 'hood is also getting a new mixed-use development that should add more foot traffic.
· Groundbreaking Monday for Median on North Larchmont Boulevard [Larchmont Buzz]