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Should Garcetti Stay in Silver Lake or Move to Mayor's Mansion?

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[Garcetti and Wakeland's house on left; Getty House on right]

New Mayor Eric Garcetti and his wife Amy Wakeland still haven't decided where to live during his time in office--will it be their own newish house in the Silver Lake hills or the official Getty House in Windsor Square? The matter's not too too pressing, since there are renovations underway at the 1921 mayor's mansion ("wood rotted out by termites is being replaced, smoke alarms upgraded and oak floors resurfaced," according to the LA Times); if they chose to live there, the first family of LA would occupy, and be responsible for maintaining, the second and third floors. The Getty House "has a spacious backyard with an expansive lawn, Arcadian-style sunken terraces and a rose garden installed by former Mayor Tom Bradley's wife, Ethel," but Garcetti and Wakeland have more modern tastes--their former home in Echo Park was featured in Dwell, for Christ's sake--and their current place in Silver Lake is a boxy contemporary. It was built in 2010 and comes with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. So which should it be? Let's let the people of LA (who also read Curbed) decide! Vote below.

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