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Enormous Santa Monica Blvd. Mixed-User Back On in Hollywood

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A huge mixed-use project for a sad stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard a little bit east of Highland in Hollywood is making the rounds again, after first popping up on our radar in 2007. The Lexington Project would replace 11 buildings--including Arena and three other nightclubs, a self-storage facility, and a building material business--with six 5 to 6 story buildings holding 786 residential units and 22,000 square feet of commercial space fronting on Santa Monica Boulevard. There will be a pool, open public space, 1,612 parking spaces in two subterranean levels, and units will range from studios to three-bedrooms. There will be affordable housing included, but how much of it will depend on whether the units go condo or apartment. The Draft Environmental Impact Report is being circulated again with some small changes from 2008, but the developer isn't planning to start the build-out until 2017. Once underway, the project would be built in two phases over four years. So how about it: is Santa Monica Boulevard in 2021 going to be the La Brea of 2012?
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