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Bad Driver Smashes Into Monrovia's 106-Year-Old Well

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Monrovia's historic wishing well is finally getting a ton of press, but for all the wrong reasons. Someone driving a BMW smashed into it earlier this week, severely damaging it. The wishing well has stood in Monrovia's Library Park since 1907, when it was donated by the local Farmer's Club, according to the San Gabrial Valley Tribune. Monrovia officials say they've collected all the pieces of the granite structure and will try to repair it over the next several months. Meanwhile, the cause of the crash is under investigation, and the driver may be on the hook for the repairs. On a lighter note, here's a fun Monrovia fact from Wikipedia: "The town was incorporated in 1887 under the leadership of prohibitionists who wished to control the arrival of an unwelcome saloon. The first order of business for the newly formed government was to pass a tippler's law, prohibiting the sale of alcohol." (It's August, guys!)
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