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Crazy Moroccan Palace, Superba For Lincoln, Best of Sawtelle

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HOLLYWOOD: What the ... Behold the pleasure palace called Acabar, a 3,900-square-foot lounge and restaurant at Sunset and Stanley. Apparently, flashy/trashy director Roland Emmerich is part-owner, which kind of makes sense when you look at the joint. There're small plates for eating and drinks divided up by era.

VENICE: One thing Lincoln Boulevard needs less of is auto body shops and Eater informs us the street is losing one and getting a restaurant in its place (win-win). Superba Food & Bread is set to open up by the end of the year with design from the firm Design, Bitches.

LITTLE OSAKA: Kat Odell, Eater LA editor and star of Bravo's Eat, Drink, Love, loves the foodie scene on Sawtelle and we can't blame her. It's on fire. Kat and her staff put together the can't-miss places on this idyllic stretch of the Westside, from Olympic to Santa Monica Boulevards.
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