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SaMo Loves Huge Gehry Designs But Wants "More Gehry-ness"

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Santa Monica's Architecture Review Board gave a big thumbs up to the Ocean Avenue Project, the proposed luxury hotel/condo/museum development designed by Frank Gehry. The 244-foot tower would dwarf the height limit suggested by the downtown area's specific plan, but that was not of concern to the board members. This is Frank Fucking Gehry we're talking about! According to the Santa Monica Daily Press, board chair Lynn Robb thinks that there's no reason to fear the proposed height, though "if someone else with less imagination was utilizing the site, the proposed structure would just look massive." But she also wants "to see more Gehry-ness." For his part, Gehry acknowledged that there were issues with his plans which required serious consideration, though it's not entirely clear what those might be.
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