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Orlando Bloom Rents Out Black Bling Ring House For $16,500

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Some renter just snagged himself a very storied house in the Outpost Estates--back in 2007, Orlando Bloom pissed off the neighbors by painting the four-bedroom, four-bathroom house black. Imagine! Now imagine the pearl-clutching! Fun. Anyway, then, in 2009, the infamous Bling Ring--a group of privileged local kids who liked to break into celebutante houses for funsies and profits--burglarized the house, making off with Rolexes, Louis Vuitton luggage, and art. Now he's leased the troublesome house for $16,500 per month. It comes with three-quarters of an acre of land, a pool, spa, and "swim machine," whatever that is, according to Trulia Luxe Living. Bloom bought the house in early 2007 for $2.75 million and had it up for lease in 2011 for $18,000.

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