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Buy Alex Trebek's Totally '80s Former Home For $4 Million

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The agent repping this "entertainer's paradise" told Zillow that he "can't see a husband and wife and two kids living in the house. It's more for an up-and-coming superstar — a celebrity who wants to enjoy their youth and money." He's so right. It was built, after all, for bright young thing Alex Trebek in 1984, when he was just 44. But really anyone--celeb or not--who loves black tile, beige carpeting, and glass bricks will fall for this house in a major way. The four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom house sits on two acres of land and has a two-story master bedroom, professional kitchen, wetbar, and pool. And don't hold those weird chairs against Canada's silveriest fox: Trebek sold the house in the '90s. Its current owner is a "foreign diplomat" who picked up the place in 2009 for $2.2 million after more than a year on the market (somehow it looked less dated then). It's now listed for a whopping $3.995 million.

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