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Beverly Hills Finding New Childish Ways To Obstruct the Subway

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... And as if on cue, the Beverly Hills Courier today has a new article on the town's war with Metro over the Purple Line extension (We were just talking about how their nutso publisher is trying to strongarm the whole city into taking down the subway project.). Weirdly, the piece makes Beverly Hills Councilmembers sound like such jerks that we'd think the paper was pro-Metro if we didn't know better. Last night they voted 3-2 to insist that all of Metro's permits be reviewed by the City Council before work can start. "I don't think Metro should get a free ride. Let's extend the same courtesy to them that they've extended to us. When they want something, they can come in and ask for it," said Councilmember Nancy Krasne, in her best impression of a petulant child. There were signs last month that Beverly Hills might use the permitting process to try to gum up Metro's plans while they wait for the various lawsuits to play out, and it looks like they're starting even earlier than expected.
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