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Beverly Grove Fighting Over Proposed Anti-McMansion Rules

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John A. Mozzer/Curbed LA flickr pool

The LA Planning Commission will vote this week on a new anti-mansionization ordinance for the Beverly Grove neighborhood--a hot-button topic that's been pitting neighbor against neighbor for a couple of years now in an area that is 10 percent McMansionized, according to a neighborhood website. The motion, proposed by City Councilmember Paul Koretz, would limit the floor area ratio (the ratio of the house size to the site size) for new houses and expansions in the area. For example, houses on 6,1000-square-foot lots could be no larger than 3,000 square feet (if the builder takes advantage of bonuses like second-story setbacks), bigger than most original houses in the 'hood. The idea is to prevent the modest 1920s-era houses in the area from being knocked down and replaced with oversized, cookie-cutter boxes like this.

Those in favor say that the city-wide anti-mansionization rules that were passed five years ago have done nothing to stop the giant-boxification of the neighborhood, which they say deprives neighbors of "light, air, and privacy." They point to surveys conducted by their past two City Councilmembers, finding that about 60 percent of residents support the proposed rules. Those against say "Freedom! House values! Look at our surveys instead!" Both sides accuse the other of lying and threats of lawsuits abound; here's hoping everyone keeps it civil on Thursday. Or someone sends us pictures. Two years ago, a similar rule covering Studio City was passed.
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