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Take a Virtual Tour Through Emerson's Awesome New Campus

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If you've been down Sunset in Hollywood lately, you've surely seen the impressive-looking Emerson College Hollywood Center, the new LA outpost for the Boston school--it just topped out a few weeks ago and is set to open in January (Emerson has had an LA program for decades, but this its first permanent home). The building was designed by starchitect Thom Mayne of Culver City-based Morphosis and is shaping up to be a local icon already. We took a walk-through and went over all the fancy features back in March (tricked-out screening and mixing rooms, an event terrace, a fitness center), but now Emerson has produced this video with virtual views inside all the the school, dorm, and public portions. As alum Denis Leary says, "This sucks, it's so great. I wish I went to school here now." Watch below.

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Emerson College Los Angeles

5960 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028