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West WeHo Streets Getting Major Ped-Friendly Makeover

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Big changes coming to West Hollywood's Design District--think western stretches of Beverly and Melrose and northern portions of Robertson--with less room for cars and parking and more for walking and bikes, Wehoville reports. The city council unanimously passed a new streetscape plan yesterday that will, among many other things, make Melrose between La Cienega and Doheny two lanes instead of four, and remove some angled Melrose parking and turn it into parallel parking (angled sparking is more dangerous for cyclists). All of this will allow for wider sidewalks on Melrose. Mini-parks, or "community gathering spots" with street furniture, will be built at Beverly Boulevard at Bonner Drive (pictured), the southeast corner of Melrose and Robertson, the southeast corner of Melrose and Norwich Drive, and the southwest corner of Melrose and La Cienega. There's a bone of contention with Robertson, however, with some councilmembers quibbling over which side of the boulevard between Melrose and Santa Monica should lose its parking--that will be hammered out in the future. All the changes will likely take a decade to come to fruition.
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