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Marble-ous Contemporary in Hollywood Asking $2.5 Million

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Hope you had a light lunch, because we got a real feast for the senses here. While its listing says this house, located a few blocks east of Fairfax in Hollywood, was built in 1921, any remnant of the '20s appears to have been obliterated with extreme prejudice and replaced with marble, granite, glass, and recessed lighting. Other updates include "Toto neo rest bidet toilets," as well as a swimming pool shaped like a ... helicopter? Lawnmower? Hard to say. (There's also a bed shaped like a Ferrari, if we're not mistaken, but presumably it doesn't come with the house.) Last sold for $1.375 million in 2005, the four-bedroom, three-bath residence is now asking $2.5 million.

· 1509 Courtney Ave [Estately]