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Last Week's 3 Biggest LA Sales: Pas Craftsman & 2 New Builds

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Listed for: $5.75 million
Listed on: April 2, 2013
Sold for: $6.18 million
Size: 7,000 square foot house with five bedrooms, six and a quarter bathrooms on 0.78 acres
Location: 128 Hillcrest, Pasadena
The Lowdown: The acres of chintz in this century-old Craftsman didn't hold buyers back, who look to have engaged in a little bidding war. Here's hoping the winning bidder was motivated by a serious case of restoration fever--there's some fine wallpapering here, but good heavens that green kitchen. The house's third story has been converted into a giant play room, and outside there are formal gardens, pool, and outdoor kitchen.

Listed for: $4.99 million
Listed on: June 10, 2013
Sold for: $5.75 million
Size: 10,847-square-foot house with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms on one acre
Location: 13870 Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills
The Lowdown:The story of the housing crisis and our current recovery could be told through this house: built in 2008, foreclosed on, and sold last week above asking price, despite only being mostly finished. It's also completely over-the-top ridiculous, with 16-foot ceilings, elaborate gilded moldings, and enough arches to make a McDonald's franchisee cry. "Amenities include a play court, grassy yard, BBQ area, fire pit, and unfinished pool and spa."

Listed for: $5.68 million
Listed on: April 26, 2013
Sold for: $5.68 million
Size: 11,815-square-foot house with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms on 0.88 acres
Location: 215 West Naomi Avenue, Arcadia
The Lowdown: After two priceuppings, this just-built house sold for its initial asking price. Only two pictures and there's not much to go on here, but the listing tells us that the family room has room for an 80 inch TV and "Dramatic Crystal lights"; there's also a 3D screening room that seats 15, an elevator, "Olympic size tennis court," pool and pool house, and luxury palm trees that make us wonder how they differ from non-luxury palm trees.
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