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Peak Gentrification Downtown: Here Comes the Stroller Set

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Whole Foods and baby carriages: the twin harbingers of Peak Gentrification. So now that the pricey market's first Downtown LA location is in the works, it's time to start luring all those young parents to clog its aisles with strollers, tantrum-throwing toddlers, and probably some nice, well-behaved kids, too. And that's also in the works: a new charter school is opening next month, which officials hope will make people more likely to stay Downtown once they start having babies. Metro Charter is enrolling students now for its kindergarten through secon grade classes, and by 2016 the school hopes to have 500 students in classes up to fifth grade. Despite opening in less than a month, the school doesn't yet have a location lined up, though they're scouting a site on Olive, and temporary locations "are being explored."

But the new school isn't the only change coming to the neighborhood: City Councilmember Jose Huizar tells KPCC that he's also trying to encourage developers to build more two- and three-bedroom units to appeal to growing families. Add to that new parks like Spring Street and Grand, both kid-friendly, and we're getting just about ready to call gentrification complete.
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