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Expo-Adjacent 500 Broadway Would Bring Apartments, Ton of Parking to Fred Segal Site in SaMo

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Arriving today: another project that wants to join Santa Monica's building boom along the coming Expo Line extension: it's 500 Broadway, with 250 apartments, nearly 40,000 square feet of groundfloor retail, plus "a streetscape of activated uses and enhanced open space," according to a rep for the project. And it'll include--500 feet from an Expo station--about 640 parking spaces on four subterranean levels (half for residential and half for retail). Designed by *Nathan Bishop of Santa Monica-based Koning Eizenberg, the building will have a mix of affordable and market-rate units ranging in size from studios to three bedrooms. Developer Thomas Properties Group and the property owner filed a development application with the city just this week, and if it goes ahead, the project would knock out the eastern half of the pricey Fred Segal complex. But shoppers, don't rend your yoga pants just yet--500 Broadway now joins a long list of projects to be reviewed in the city, so your $100 t-shirts should be safe for a little while yet. Longer term, they're exploring the "possibility" of including the shop in the development, and the other half of the store will operate as usual.

Transform the corner of 5th & Broadway from 500 Broadway on Vimeo.

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