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Here's the Open New Look For Downtown's Macy's Fortress

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DTLA's '70s monolith mall now known as The Bloc (formerly Macy's Plaza) is getting a pedestrian-friendly makeover courtesy of its new owner, prominent developer Ratkovich Company. New renderings from its website show an open-air entrance on Seventh Street, similar to the new look at the Santa Monica Place mall, plus some of the changes coming to the center's office component. But what we don't see is what's planned, if anything, for Flower, Hope, and Eighth Streets, on the most egregiously anti-pedestrian sides of the mall. The Eighth side, across from an under-construction mixed-use tower, may be mostly a lost cause as it hosts all the delivery trucks, though one would hope they could throw in some windows or maybe an additional door. The Hope side includes the entrance to the Sheraton hotel, but could definitely use more sprucing to the south, while the Flower side is the most rife for sidewalk dining, windows, and additional entrances.

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