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Downtown Gets a Whole Foods, Frank Gehry's Regrets

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[From the Never Built: Los Angeles exhibit at the A+D Museum. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: Downtown LA, soon to be referred to as "DTLA" by all the stroller pushing moms, is getting a Whole Foods at Eighth and Grand, thereby pushing it over the tipping point into full blown gentrification. In hypothetical news, if everyone was now excited about living Downtown thanks to that Whole Foods, say 4.3 million of us moved there en masse, sadly local resources (including the Whole Foods) would not be able to support all of us. Lovable curmudgeon Frank Gehry thinks that Disney Concert Hall may have been better suited for Westwood and overall Los Angeles "doesn't take architecture seriously." An actual study has determined that most new households (between 2005-2011) in LA have one or no cars. Take a peek! Madison Square Garden is currently renovating The Forum in Inglewood, with the plan to compete with Staples Center as the premier concert venue in LA. In a purely symbolic move, since there really isn't a problem, the City of LA will stop ticketing people parked at broken meters. In that's rather hideous news, a home in Studio City with a terrible marble, gold leaf, aqua blue paint combo is on the market again fro $2 million.