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Ritzy Larchmont Boulevard Freaking Over Potential Pot Shop

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Break out the smelling salts: a marijuana dispensary might be coming to quaint-and-fancy Larchmont Boulevard, and everyone's freaking out. Park La Brea News reports rumors that Cantodiem Dispensing Collective, which used to be on Sunset, is looking to move into a second floor unit of the Hamburger Hamlet Xpress building--in other words, right in the heart of Larchmont Village, not the northern half that doesn't even have flowered medians running the length of the street (yet). And neighbors and neighboring businesses are starting to organize against the collective. City Councilmember Tom LaBonge says he's "going to do my best to help alleviate the concerns," and commanding officer of LAPD's Wilshire Division says he's looking into complaints. Meanwhile, rest assured that someone is thinking of the children: "Because Larchmont is a neighborhood street, not a busy commercial corridor, people with kids feel like they can give them a touch of freedom," said one local. If it goes ahead, we're sure a Hancock Park collective's design scheme would be a welcome addition to this collection.
· Possible dispensary on Larchmont sparks outrage [PLBN]