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9 Times Justin Bieber's Been in Trouble For Shitty Driving

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Look, Justin Bieber is just 19 and he's been given a lot of money and a lot of freedom at that very young age, but also he's just a straight up dick. Kid needs to start learning to drive like he values human life. He was just given a ticket yesterday morning in Calabasas for, among other things, driving without a license, and his neighbors in the city are so fed up with his reckless driving that they want to stop paying HOA fees until he gets in trouble (also he allegedly spit on one neighbor when confronted about his driving). With the help of Streetsblog, let's outline Bieber's already-long history with Johnny Traffic Law:

April 2012: A smiling cop asks Bieber to please move his car from an illegal spot in Beverly Hills.
July 2012: Bieber was cited for "weaving in and out of traffic in his chrome Fisker Karma on the Ventura Freeway between Coldwater Canyon and Vineland boulevards about 10 a.m."
November 2012: Bieber was pulled over in West Hollywood in his white Ferrari for making an unsafe left turn. Turns out his registration was expired.
January 2013: CHP pulled over a friend driving Bieber's car on Sepulveda; a photographer who stopped to shoot the scene was hit by a car and killed.
March 2013: Bieber was investigated by the Sheriff's department for threatening/spitting on a neighbor who complained that he was driving through the neighborhood at 100 mph at 9 am.
May 2013: Neighbors including former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson complained to the Sheriff's department that Bieber was driving recklessly through their neighborhood.
May 2013: A friend was pulled over in Bieber's car for speeding.
June 2013: Bieber was investigated for a hit-and-run on Sunset Boulevard but no charges were filed.
August 2013: Bieber was cited in Calabasas for running a stop sign and driving without a valid California license.

Streetsblog says the cops just love Bieber (seriously): "one CHP officer who met him on official police business said his mother clearly raised him well." Maybe that's why, even with a record like this, "Prosecutors have twice declined to file charges against Bieber for run-ins with paparazzi," according to the LA Times.
· Southern California's roadway terror is back in the news [Streetsblog]