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Pretty Map Shows Just How Not Integrated Los Angeles Is

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Confirmed: the Westside is full of white people. That and other revelations, like "damn, Los Angeles is actually that unintegrated," come courtesy of this clickable, color-coded race map of the US--a fellow named Dustin Cable out of UVA plotted 308,745,538 people by their race (well, by four major ethnic groups and "other"), as collected in the 2010 US Census. (According to Wired, he also "assigned shades of color based on the multiple dots therein. From a distance, for example, certain neighborhoods will look purple, but zooming-in reveals a finer-grained breakdown of red and blue–or, really, black and white." Meaning the Westside isn't quite as white as it looks.) Compare Los Angeles to a collection of other cities here. Now let's all discuss this like adults!
· Incredibly Detailed Map Shows Race, Segregation Across America In Beautiful Color [HuffPo]