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Old Time Starchitect Wallace Neff's Bastardized Los Feliz House

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[Photos by Charmaine David]

Oof, someone really made some terrible terrible choices in this probably-once-lovely Los Feliz house designed by the great Wallace Neff (most famous for Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks's Pickfair estate). Neff also lived in this one, according to the listing, and we think he'd be pret-ty pissed to see that kitchen and those purple walls and the carpeting, oh lord, the carpeting. But there are still many many original details left in the 1920s house, which also comes with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, stained glass windows, a terra cotta and painted-tile staircase, a pool and spa, studio, and two-car garage. Asking price is $2.75 million.

· 4447 Cromwell Ave [Official Site]