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Rowena Neighbors Super Angry About Bike-Friendly Road Diet

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Well it looks like the Rowena Avenue road diet chickens are coming home to roost in Silver Lake. Or something. Now that one lane of traffic in each direction has been removed from the street to make it safer for bicyclists and pedestrians, car traffic has backed up and drivers are taking their unsafe ways to area backstreets. To the chagrin of the residents of those backstreets. Recently, to demonstrate the problem, several drivers on Waverly Drive helpfully drove right through stop signs or committed other moving violations right in front of a group of residents discussing the traffic problems with city council staff. According to the Eastsider, a traffic officer informed the group that there had been no increase in traffic crimes since the road diet went into effect, but the residents want relief. Though there's no city money to install speed humps on Waverly, the group was told they could fundraise to have them installed. Which we're sure is just what they wanted to hear!
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