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Breaking: Murals Are Now Legal Again in Los Angeles

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After 11 years, murals are legal again in Los Angeles (which is still sometimes called the Mural Capital of the World). Since 2002, that very LA art form has been classified as advertising and banned, and for nearly two years now, the city has been working very slowly to undo that ban. Today the City Council finally passed a brand new Mural Ordinance that'll allow new murals to go up 100 percent legally--at least on most private buildings (it'll also grandfather in old murals). The biggest sticking point was whether to allow murals on single-family homes, and the Council finally passed a version that forbids them, with a few potential exceptions--Councilmember Jose Huizar added an amendment "asking for an Opt-In clause and plan from City departments for those communities that would like to create processes to allow murals on single-family homes." (That'll still have to go through the approvals process separately from the rest of the ordinance.) There was also a motion to look into those pilot projects for Council Districts 1 and 14 (much of Downtown and the neighborhoods to the north and east). Meanwhile, we don't want to see any blank walls in this town by the end of the week (just kidding, there's a big approvals and permitting process built into the ordinance).
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