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Has King & Grove Pulled Out of Downtown's Hotel Clark?

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Downtown-watchers have had their eyes on the rebirth of Hill Street's Hotel Clark for years now--after many bumps, it looked like developer Chetrit was finally putting money into a renovation and they hired hotel operator King & Grove to operate the property once it was ready to open. But problems persisted when United Here Local 11 appealed city approvals for the Clark's restaurants. Now, HotelChatter reports King & Grove may be souring on the Clark--the chain's founders have bought back a handful of hotels from Chetrit, but apparently not the Clark or a second DTLA hotel that K&G was going to run (probably the Empire Hotel). Interesting. HotelChatter posits that even if K&G doesn't want the Clark, some other operator will likely swoop in.
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Hotel Clark

426 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA