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Meet the Mystery Chickens of East LA's Serbian Cemetery

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Chickens: they're not just for dinner, factory farms, and hipster backyards anymore. Eastsider has the heartwarming tale of the chickens of East LA's Serbian Cemetery, and the mourners who love them. "It's very natural for the chickens to be here. I love that the chickens have a safe place to roam and eat the grass. It's fantastic. It's like a sanctuary here," said one woman who was there to visit her father's grave. Another chicken fan and cemetery visitor, who often leaves food for the chickens, told the site that "the majority of people don't mind because the chickens are making people feel welcome." No one's quite sure how the chickens-at-the-cemetery thing got started, but it's been going on for years. And fear not, animal lovers: the chickens like the arrangement, too. According to the cemetery's caretaker, "The chickens are happy living here. I feed them and take care of them because it's not their fault they were left here."
· Chickens and roosters turn East L.A. graveyard into barnyard [ELA]