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Buy the Pacific Palisades House a Big Tobacco Lawsuit Bought

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This four-bedroom house, on .31 acres at the end of a Pacific Palisades cul-de-sac, was built in 1955, but it got a mostly tasteful renovation courtesy of Marco DiMaccio in 2006. Judging from the one photo, it doesn't make much of an impression from the outside, but inside there's a bright open floor plan with vaulted and paneled ceilings, a stone fireplace, lots of glass, and a nice-looking pool out back.The house was last bought in 2006 by Judy Boeken, according to Blockshopper--that was the same year a court upheld a $50-million award to one Judy Boeken from tobacco company Philip Morris over the death of her husband, a long-time smoker. Last sold for $3 million, it's now on the market for $3.1 million.

· 970 Chattanooga Ave [Redfin]