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Newporters Fighting Grove Developer's Giant Yacht Plans

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"Not In My Harbor!" say a couple of Newport Beachers who've gotten wind of developer Rick Caruso's big plans to temporarily park a huge yacht in Newport harbor. Caruso developed The Grove and the Americana at Brand and a few weeks back we heard that he wants to dock his new 216-foot yacht Invictus--which comes with 12 cabins, an on-deck gym, theater with stadium seating, hot tub, and on and on--for a christening (Caruso wants it there for 16 days total over a two month period). The NB Harbor Commission approved the plan no problem, along with one for a 130-foot boat called Marama, which will park for five days to host a wedding--according to the Glendale News-Press, the commissioners feel this is "a welcome opportunity to try out a different use for the area on the west end of Lido Island."

But two women who live on the waterfront want the commission to go backsies, saying the yachts could threaten recreational activities at the harbor, and that they'll "be bright and noisy and emit generator fumes." Commissioners say letting the boats anchor will help to make the harbor a destination (both for those on the boats and others wanting to get a look), and stress this is just a trial. (The harbor would actually need a lot of work to be made suitable for regular megayacht visits.) Meanwhile, the two anti-yacht crusaders are meeting with all the officials they can and hoping to get the approval appealed; so far no one's actually agreed to make an appeal.
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