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There Will Be a Modest Makeover Effort at Pershing Square

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It looks like the planned makeover of crappy Pershing Square will still go ahead in some form, even though the effort lost a whole bunch of money when the Downtown NFL stadium plan tanked (developer AEG had promised to donate $700k in seed money, but it was contingent on the stadium going ahead). This morning City Councilmember Jose Huizar announced a new Re-envisioning Pershing Square Task Force, a group of 21 Downtown stakeholders who will work on "improving Pershing Square design elements, programming and future visioning for the historic square" (members include "Downtown residents, design and architectural experts, business representatives and property owners, as well as representatives from governmental agencies like the City's Department of Recreation and Parks, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, LAPD and the City's Planning Department"). But let's not get too excited; Pershing probably won't be getting a full overhaul--according to a press release, the group will come up with "a comprehensive long-term vision of the Park, which may include a push for some elements of redesign and park infrastructure improvements."

At the task force announcement this morning, mega-architecture firm Gensler also presented their own "research and design concept" for Pershing--their LA office spent a year making a case study of the park. Looks good enough! Fine, we'll take it, just do something already.

Town Square Los Angeles from Gensler LA on Vimeo.

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Pershing Square

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