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Scientology Real Estate Empire Grows in Los Feliz

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The Church of Scientology likes buying up old buildings (and they do own some great ones), but they're not averse to a little new construction now and then. To wit: the new "8,000-square-foot Church of Scientology Mission Los Feliz, located on a former parking lot at the corner of Hillhurst Avenue and Avocado Street," which the Eastsider says the church built after outgrowing its previous space. The new building includes an exhibition open to the public that "includes multimedia presentations of the basic beliefs and practices of Dianetics and Scientology as well as the life and legacy of the religion's Founder, L. Ron Hubbard" (says the press release), if you want to take a look around without having your stress tested or psyche audited or whatever it is they do over there. The church officially opens for business in September.

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