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Disney Will Build Studio of the Golden Dream In Canyon Country

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Today the LA County Board of Supervisors gave unanimous approval to Disney/ABC's plans to develop 58 acres of the Golden Oak Ranch near Santa Clarita. According to the LA Times, the plans will add "more than a half-million square feet of studio space, multiple sound stages, writers' bungalows and other developments," create thousands of jobs, and bring $533 million in economic activity and tax revenue. It will, however, come at the cost of 158 oak trees that will have to lay down their lives to make way for the project. Though it's grown over time, the Golden Oak Ranch has been owned by Disney since 1959 and has been used to film everything from Old Yeller to Pirates of the Caribbean. The ranch is named for the Oak of the Golden Dream--Francisco Lopez y Arbello took a nap under the tree in 1842, dreamt of gold, and made California's first recorded discovery of gold during his post-nap onion-picking. Which is a hell of a story, but it's on a historical marker so it must be true.

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