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Pricey Pad in Plummer, Wurdeman & Becket's Streamline Moderne Plymouth Apartments

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Oooh, looks like there's an apartment up for grabs in Windsor Village's historic Plymouth Apartments. The two-story, four-unit Streamline Moderne complex was built by the architectural firm of Charles Plummer, Walter Wurdeman, and Welton Becket in 1936, one year after they designed the Pan Pacific Auditorium. Per the Craigslist posting, the apartment in question has four bedrooms, three baths, separate dining, living, and breakfast rooms, an office, and laundry. Features include hardwood floors, period tile, crown molding, a decorative fireplace, a garden patio, and "secure subterranean parking." Monthly rent for the pet-friendly unit is a spit-take-inducing $3,995.

· $3995 / 4br - Streamline Modern Impeccably restored 1936 Hancock Park adjacent [Craigslist]